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The year is 1512DR/21LF
21 years ago a Red Dragon Wyrm by the name of Aumnivorax…or…Baligos, in the common tongue, was successful at sundering the Sword Coast in two by raising an Army of renegade chromatic dragons and defeating the forces of Bahamut. This event became know as “Legends Fall”. And thus the Dale Reckoning was left as an age long past.

With Bahamut now destroyed, the Pantheon in ruins and the civilized races of Faerun scattered to the four winds…our heroes live a life in the now apocalyptic ruins of a once great nation.
Their new bastion of hope, New Braxton. A brand new village on the shores of the Anaurcoch desert. Merely a few dozen people have banded together with the memory of what life was like before Baligos began to reign supreme with his new Council of Dragons.
For nearly 20 years the small village has managed to survive in the wild frontier of the “Savage Lands”. Standing proudly as a beacon of hope for those still searching for a remnant of peace. Legacy-Logo-web.png


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